TraceVision API Documentation

The TraceVision API helps you understand and get value from videos.

Using the API, you can create a session, upload your video/s, and get back core data that enables you to understand what's going on in the video:

  • "tracking": Metadata showing where identified people and things are located over time
  • "highlights": Metadata of when events of interest occurred
  • "video": Pre-edited video (coming later)

It's early days.


We're currently in beta.

We're actively developing and working on the TraceVision API and its capabilities. Right now things are pretty limited, but we hope you can get a sense for what's possible.

Please tell us what's not working.


Things will initially not work, or may periodically break. Please let us know what's going on, so we can fix it.

Please tell us what would make a difference.


If you like what you see but need a bit more, please let us know so we can make improvements.